Yoga at Work – What Are Corporate Yoga Classes?

Millions of personnel spend their days and nights before a computer. This sort of working situation, while ideal for well-timed communication, is not well suited for our bodies.

Resting at a table for eight times per day can cause anxiety in the spinal column, rounding of the shoulder blades, rigidity in the throat and strained eyesight.

It isn’t unusual to see employees’ extending at their tables, and recently, yoga exercises has turned into a popular way to fight these ailments.

The goal of doing yoga exercises postures (asana) is to extend the body so that it can stay still for a long period of time. Actually, the term “asana” virtually means “to maintain a comfortable couch.” You can get information about yoga classes penrith via

While usually asana are being used to prepare your body for meditation, Pilates can also help to make the body convenient while seated for long periods of time at your personal computer or desk. Out of this idea, the idea of yoga at the job was born!

Corporate Pilate’s classes are a means for employees to extend and de-stress right at work. Classes usually happen in a boardroom or common space and are trained by a qualified yoga instructor.