Three Intranets Key Metrics That You Need to Track

Below is a list of all the key intranet metrics you should be measuring, why they’re important, and how to measure them.


The number of consumers is utilizing your intranet for a particular time period. This may refer to workers seeing your intranet, or seeing a particular record in your intranet. You can browse if you want to know more about intranet metrics.

Attain is important to monitor since it tells you that the proportion of workers who are actually seeing your intranet. It's particularly important if you launch your intranet since it will offer a fantastic baseline, to begin with.

Top Clients

Employees who use your own intranet more than others. This could include designated super users (chosen advocates who act as your intranet ambassadors) or employees who use your intranet on a regular basis.

Knowing who your participated customers are is helpful when seeking to understand involvement at a more profound level. This group might offer concrete feedback in what they enjoy, what they do not enjoy, and exactly what they might want to see altered.


This section pertains to some overall use metrics. It is kind of like the Google Analytics of all intranet metrics.

This can possibly supply a good deal of insight to your customers and your articles — also, for intranet analytics junkies, it may be entertaining!