Does Shopify Work With Worldwide Brands?

So, you've just paid up the rather high $299 membership fee for the WorldwideBrands directory and you've got an online store set up with Shopify – what should you do now?

Shopify is a great tool for setting up a new online store as fast and easily as possible.  It comes with hundreds of apps – even a few that allow you to import products directly from sites like DHGate and Ali Express and sell them on your store.  Even more than that you can manage inventory and automate the fulfilment of your orders with drop shippers sending goods directly to your customers through these apps.

The problem with sites like Ali Express though is that they mostly ship from China – and as a result the time it takes for goods to reach the USA is very long.  This is especially a problem if you are working with a drop shipper, as many of your orders will get lost in the post or arrive too late.

Worldwide Brands solves this problem though it creates another.  When you buy from Worldwide Brands, you have to contact each supplier individually – and deal with them offline.  That makes automating your store virtually impossible, but at least with Worldwide Brands you can be certain that the suppliers you deal with are reliable and the products will not take weeks or months to arrive.

Worldwide Brands and Salehoo – In 2018

You've probably heard of Ali Express, but what about Worldwide Brands and Salehoo?  Both these are long established and popular sources of wholesalers like DHGate and Ali Express but with two key differences.

Both Worldwide Brands and Salehoo certify and guarantee all of the wholesalers, drop shippers and manufacturers that they list in their directories – and nearly all are based in the United States.

DHGate and Ali Express offer user reviews for each supplier, but they do not research and certify them like Worldwide Brands and Salehoo do – they do not guarantee the quality of the goods or reliability of their suppliers.

Moreover, DHGate and Ali Express mostly work with suppliers that are based in China.  This means the products they sell are often very cheap, but shipping can be a big problem as it's so slow.

Although membership to Worldwide Brands and Salehoo is expensive, costing as much as $299, many of their members clearly belive this is good vale for money – as it saves time and effort testing out the quality and reliability of suppliers, and means that the goods they buy will be delivered to their customers much faster than if it was shipped from China.

DHGate and Ali Express are both great tools, but there's still a place for directories like Worldwide Brands and Salehoo in 2018.