Trying Out Recipes With Sriracha Sauce

Ah, a hot sauce fanatic, we see. We do not blame you. Some of the food just get a lot more delicious if you put just the right amount of spice in there. And in some case, it can even make the meal a little more enjoyable than usual. It also heightens the appetite and makes you want to eat more. This is a ploy to some of the sidewalk vendors out there that out a lot of hot sauce to their food. It is so their customers would want to spend more on the meal and then spend more on the drinks to cleanse the palette. We bet they also use sriracha uses recipes.

But then again the spiciness of a meal is not for everyone. Most of the people out there actually cannot handle the spice and would rather go for mild foods rather than the spicy ones. Which is perfectly normal because some people just cannot handle those kinds of food.

We personally like it if it is a little bit spicier than normal. Maybe not too much although we would not actually shy way if the spicy level was being increased. As long as we have milk and cold water at the ready then we can take on the spicy challenge.

Hopefully, we would not end up like Gordon Ramsay on an episode of Hot Ones though. Because we ended up eating so much sweets and medicine and even rubbed the lime on his ass. It was funny and a great source of entertainment but we also have had our fair share of regret. So we sympathize.

Even when we were laughing our asses off. But we have eaten Samyang before and it was really delicious despite the fact that our tongue and entire mouth was on fire. We managed to drink a whole liter of milk because of it and even a gallon of water. And as horrible as an experience that was, ti did serve its purpose in making full.

And with a little spending only too. We call that a win even if our mouth will say otherwise. And we cannot really deny that it was really delicious. We wonder what it would have tasted though if it was not really all that spicy. We would probably eat more than just a bowl because we are gluttons.

Did we mention that we are currently starving right now? We could probably eat three bowls of spaghetti right now if it were sent to u. And then a whole plate of lasagna would not be too bad.

And maybe ice cream and cheesecake because we love desserts. Man, we really need to go eat lunch now, we really are hungry and if we have to wait for another minute just to finish a goddamn sentence we are sure that we will be eating our seatmate right now.

And she would probably not mind because she is too busy being hungry herself. Maybe next time we should probably bring some packed lunch so we do not have to worry about waiting.