Which UV Air Puriviers Are Dangerous?

I was looking for a good air purifier to put in my house. Since we have a few pets, the smell can get pretty bad sometimes. An occasional bath is great for them, but we can’t bathe them constantly. Looking through a few different choices, I decided that a UV air purifier would fit our needs, since it also kills bacteria and viruses.

Bacteria are usually what cause those dirty smells and helps with that wet dog smell, too. However, I also read at DC-911 that some UV lights can produce ozone. Apparently, it’s only the cheaper ones, though. I paid a pretty penny for mine, so I don’t have to worry too much.

I also read that manufacturers sometimes put a guarantee on their air purifiers, saying that they don’t produce ozone. Not all manufacturers do this though, but it’s a good thing to promise. Ozone can cause a few breathing problems, especially those that are sensitive to it.

People with lung disease may also have trouble with it, but there is ozone all around us. If you’re worried about ozone, make sure you read the manufacturer’s warnings before you get it. Other customers can tell you if it’s good or bad, so make sure to do some research like I did!