What They Test For Employment Drug Screening?

Is this test is provided through employer drug testing kits delivered or through drug screening laboratory tests, types of tests to be conducted fairly standard by federal and state guidelines.

Especially, screenings consist of either test urine or saliva test or both, which will be analyzed for the presence of certain drugs whose use is such that the employer will not find acceptable in a potential employee.

Two main tests are a five-panel drug screen and a ten-panel drug screen. If you are searching online for employment drug screening then you can take a look here www.peopletrail.com/employment-screeening-services/drug-and-health-screening/.  

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Each analyzes samples provided for the presence of illegal drugs and addictive but the main difference between the two is what the drug can be detected and how long it has been since they were used by potential employees.

Five-panel test appearances for traces of amphetamines, cocaine, opiates, marijuana, and PCP. The test panel often, on the other hand, can detect all persons, other than barbiturates, methamphetamine and even methadone. The decisive factor for the correct time factor lies in the types of samples provided.

The difference between Urine and Saliva Samples

With urine samples were analyzed by a laboratory, drug use can be detected in a 24 to 36-hour window. What is quickly becoming more accurate but is the same analysis is done for pre-employment drug screen using saliva samples.

It takes longer to complete but the saliva will carry trace amounts of the drug is much longer than the urine will, and can accurately detect drug use for three days before the sample is collected.