Tips For Transporting Heavy Cable Hauls

Transporting cables and cable hauling can be a difficult task. It involves loading, unloading and the transportation of cables. Cables can be of different types and made out of different materials.Therefore, each type of cable requires transportation and hauling in a different way. Cables can sustain damage very easily in multiple ways. Since they are large and expensive, it is crucial to keep them safe since even a little damage can cost you a lot. The real issue is transporting heavy cables that require your special attention.


Here are a few safety tips to follow when transporting heavy cables:

  1. In order to transport cables, use cable reels to prevent the damage in the first place.
  2. All reels must be transported in an upright position. Do not ship reels while they are lying on their sides. This can cause severe damage to the cables and make them snag.
  3. Reels must be pushed or moved in a similar upright position by moving the cable with a reel mover or fork lifter.
  4. Use a cable dispenser stand for installing and dispensing reels of cable or other types of rope.
  5. Cables that have to be placed on other reels should be wrapped to prevent damages. When doing any sorts of adjustments in general, compare to the original reel for cable length.
  6. Install cable end caps on the ends of cables.
  7. Secure both ends of the cable.

Keeping the above safety measures in mind, your cable transportation will go well, without causing any damage to the cables.

Cable Equipments At Unbelievable Price In Queensland


Undoubtedly, we have gained victory in technology, and we are thriving for more. This has revolutionized the field of industry, manufacturing, and many more similar. Now, we have equipments that help us in storing, and operating other equipments. With such facility, the manual work is reduced by a great amount.

One such worthy and useful equipment is the cable drum stand. With the help of the cable drum, it is easy and convenient to carry the cable roll to different places, to unwind it or use it according to the requirement of the cable length and storing it. Hence, the bottom line is, cable drum are the must have equipment especially if someone is dealing in communication business where they have to establish wired cables communication lines, and thus frequently carry cables from one location to the other.

Pick The Cable Drum From A Wide Variety Of Product Range

With the advent of different materials, engineering methods, different types of cable drum stands are available in the market. Thus, when you go to buy the cable equipment, you must at least have three points on your check list that the drum stand must fulfill. They are –

  • Size of the cable, i.e. diameter of the cable
  • Length of the cable
  • Weight of the cable roll

Apart from these basic checks, you can also go for a two cable drum stand and many more, given that you need to house more than one cable roll in your stand.