Site Reviews can be entertaining


Doing site reviews can be entertaining and it may even be simple. I normally find it helps to sit back with a glass of cab sav at 1 hand and a cheese biscuit in the other, and begin by summing up the site as soon as you've had a fantastic look at it…


Catch your reader's focus by outlining an intriguing component of the website. This is sometimes about the role of the site, a little about the background or what attracted /repulsed you when you watched it and the reason why.


"As soon as I watched the candy chocolate cake picture on the Hillington's site, I felt just like dashing down to the supermarket using the online recipe. "

Then create a general statement about the total place of the site in the internet community.


"Sportz is a tiny retail site primarily targeted to individuals who play tennis or go white water rafting. Because this encircles 20 percent of their Geocities online community, the web site fits well in the Geocities family. "


If you understand what a symbol is, then you've probably seen branding tens of thousands of times.

When I had been doing internet reviews, I discovered most sites are lacking in new. Branding is a method of designing which indicates that you can tell which company/organisation it's merely by looking briefly at the merchandise. It will help to consider "corporate branding" at which you are able to recognise McDonalds by simply viewing the specific gold "M". With time, clients come to recognise an organisation's emblem and colors. A site could have a symbol, fitting corporate colors and also a matching font. If a symbol and another site colors clash, they're not branded and aren't going to help individuals to identify with the corporation. Successful sites have the logo and site fitting in a skilful and appealing manner (for instance, an orange and navy blue emblem using a white and navy blue backdrop ).

There's 1 case in that reveals a site that needs branding.

Navigation/Loading Time

Is the site easy or difficult to navigate?

It is possible to find this when you look at the site and see whether it's simple to get the buttons that enable you to go from page to page.

Are the lists or menus simple to read and locate?

Does the site flow from left to right (since the English language does) or when it doesn't, can it be effective and readable?

Does the site load up fast or not?

(Normally, slow loading sites annoy readers and may be the consequence of large images which have yet to be optimized correctly for the world wide web. Slow loading may also be due to Flash or massive pieces of code which have yet to be simplified.)

Is your site easy looking or complex?

(This may add to difficulties locating the Ideal buttons to press and thus, issues browsing )


Does the site look like another site you've observed, or does it have its personal flavour?

(Some sites are able to seem similar as they use the exact same design or advertising. The really excellent sites have a exceptional look that doesn't use a great deal of advertising. The sites that are excellent are the ones that you recall with fondness).

What's the first thing that you see when you examine the webpage?

(by way of instance, a site may have a subdued background and a glowing emblem. This usually means that the emblem is intended to stand out and be recalled )

What regions of the design help/hinder this message?

(by Way of Example, too much marketing could turn off a reader before they've read the important pieces )

Is your layout suited to exactly what the site is intended to do?

(by Way of Example, a website dedicated to ski Wouldn't look great in pink)

Coding & Programming

It helps if you're ready to provide an extremely short description of the form of programming which might have been utilized to design the site (eg, HTML, Javascript, Flash, PHP, databases or shopping carts, etc) A reference of further technical layout may provide more detail to this review (like if the frames displayed all of the data properly etc). But in case you don't know much about coding, then you could always bypass this particular subject.


Do you feel the web site is successful/unsuccessful and why?

Do you feel the web site is targeted to the ideal audience?

(eg, if it's supposed to be for kids, does this resemble a kids 's site?)

Can you recommend the somebody else to review your site?

What will make you reevaluate the site?

What score would you give your site?

An excellent conclusion always ends with a funny remark.


"This site is so thrilling, so coated with glitter and stars, that when Elvis was alive I don't doubt he'd be scribbling his lyrics from the forums together with his supporters at this time! "


"This site is so awful that if it had been printed I'd use the rear of it to write my own shopping checklist. . " Visit if you are interested in php scripts.