Omron BP785: Features and Benefits

Omron bp785 is from the 10 series blood pressure monitors of Omron. It is an upper arm blood pressure monitor. It has got some wiz enhancements compared to some of the older models of this type. Some people say that the older models are much more useful than this model.

One of the best feature of this Omron BP785 blood pressure monitor is its detection of arrhythmia (irregular heart beats and pulses). Infact, all Omron models are pretty good in detecting irregular heart beats. The display size of the monitor is quite comfortable. The heartbeat numbers are in black digits for ease of reading. The comfit cuff is a preformed cuff that is designed to be easy to wrap around the upper arm. But many say, it is not that easy to use. Some even prefer the soft cuffs over these preformed hard comfit cuffs. Unfortunately though, Omron doesn’t manufacture soft cuffs anymore for any of their latest blood pressure monitor models. They all have the preformed comfit cuff. However, the comfit cuff can fit different arm sizes.

This Omron bp785 blood pressure monitor is available in two different colors. They are black and white. Two different users can use each of this omron blood pressure monitor. This is called the 2-user mode. Each user can have 100 blood pressure readings stored in the memory. So, it is 200 overall. The user interface of this blood pressure monitor pretty complex and not so intuitive. So, you may have to read the 50-page user manual that comes along with the blood pressure monitor. However, many find that the user manual is also not well written.