Learn Basics Of Digital Art

The popularity of digital art is increasing day by day and is constantly progressing. Digital art can be categorized by five main styles named as:

•    Mixed Media or Integrated Art

•    Vector

•    Fractal

•    Digital Painting 

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Mixed media or integrated art

This type of art is the combination of many art styles such as photography, drawing, etc. Using many programs in Photoshop, artists are able to combine these art forms to get amazing results. Mixed Media is often seen in digital abstract art.

Vector art

This type of art used a vector-based program such as Illustrator or Freehand and it is known as vector art. Many artists use vector drawing software which is used to generates the picture in a virtual environment.

Fractal art

This art is generated by using software named as fractal generating software and various mathematical formulae’s. In fractal generating software, we wrote programs. This program has three main phases:

•    Set the parameters of appropriate fractal software.

•    Executing the lengthy calculation.

•    Evaluating the product.

Digital Painting

Digital painting is an art form in which old-style painting techniques such as oils, watercolors, etc. are applied using digital software. Digital painting is different from many other forms of digital art. A digital painting will be generated without using a template.